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class AuthToken : public axr::sdk::ModelBase

The AuthToken is an object that is returned by account services after a successfully login operation. The object contains a user access token, to be used for all future API requests as well as a refresh token. The refresh token is to be used to obtain a new access token before the original expires.

Public Functions

inline AuthToken()
inline AuthToken(const AuthToken &value)
inline AuthToken(AuthToken &&value)
inline virtual ~AuthToken()
virtual void Validate() override
utility::string_t GetRefresh() const

Returns the value of the refresh token.

utility::string_t GetToken() const

Returns the value of the access token.

const AuthToken::Type *GetType() const

Returns the type of auth token represented.

utility::string_t GetUserUid() const

Returns the unique identifier of the user associated with the auth token.

Public Static Functions

static inline const utility::char_t *ClassName()

Returns the fully qualified name of the class.

class Type : public axr::sdk::StringEnum<Type>

The type of authentication token returned by the server.

Public Static Attributes

static const Type *ACCESS
static const Type *CHALLENGE