Class QuestRequirement

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class QuestRequirement : public axr::sdk::ModelBase

Public Functions

inline QuestRequirement()
inline QuestRequirement(const QuestRequirement &value)
inline QuestRequirement(QuestRequirement &&value)
inline virtual ~QuestRequirement()
virtual void Validate() override
utility::string_t GetUid() const

The universally unique identifier of the object.

utility::string_t GetType() const

The unique identifier that will be used to match telemetry events.

utility::string_t GetTitle() const

A textual title or name of the requirement.

utility::string_t GetDescription() const

A textual description of the requirement.

utility::string_t GetIcon() const

The icon to display when representing the requirement.

int64_t GetValue() const

Returns the value that must be met in order for the requirement to be fulfilled.

Public Static Functions

static inline const utility::char_t *ClassName()

Returns the fully qualified name of the class.