Class AuthTotpService

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class AuthTotpService : public axr::sdk::ServiceBase<AuthToken>

Public Functions

inline AuthTotpService(std::shared_ptr<Configuration> config, std::shared_ptr<net::IApiClient> apiClient)
inline ~AuthTotpService()
pplx::task<std::shared_ptr<AuthToken>> Authenticate(const utility::string_t &userUid, const utility::string_t &token, const utility::string_t &totp)

Completes a TOTP challenge request for the given user with the provided auth token and TOTP code. Returns the finalized access token upon success.

  • userUid – The unique identifier of the user completing the challenge.

  • token – The temporary auth token to use to complete the challenge.

  • totp – The TOTP code to uset to complete the challenge.


A task whose result is the final access token.

Public Static Functions

static inline const utility::char_t *ClassName()

Returns the fully qualified name of the class.