Tools & Utilities

Xsolla Backend Admin Console

The Xsolla Backend Admin Console is our custom cluster administration tool. It comes bundled with every Xsolla Backend cluster and is typically available at the url https://console.<project>


Often times it is necessary to inspect the traffic going between your game and the backend servers. This helps in debugging what is being sent and received directly. For this task we recommend Telerik Fiddler.


Postman is a free tool for working directly with Xsolla Backend’s REST API.

Install the Xsolla Backend Workspace

To install the Xsolla Backend workspace perform the following.

  1. Install or sign-in to Postman

  2. Click the Import button near the top left corner.

  3. In the pop-up window, select Link.

  4. Paste the following URL into the text field and click Continue.

  5. Verify the name of the workspace as Xsolla Backend and click Import.

Setting up the workspace

Once the Xsolla Backend workspace has been installed you need to configure an environment to talk to your cluster.

  1. Near the top right corner click the little eye icon next to No Environment.

  2. Click the Add button under Environment.

  3. Enter a name at the top.

  4. Add a new variable named base_url and enter your cluster address for the initial value. e.g. base_url =

  5. Now click the Save button.

You are now ready to access your cluster with Postman.

In order to begin making REST API calls to the cluster you need to authenticate.

  1. Under the Xsolla Backend collection, expand Account Services.

  2. Click on Auth Password.

  3. Click the Authorization tab.

  4. Enter your desired username and password. e.g. Username: admin, Password: @xrD3m0! for the demo environment.

  5. Click the Send button.

If all is successful you will see a JSON response similar to the following.

    "refresh": "<refresh>",
    "token": "<token>",
    "type": "ACCESS",
    "userUid": "<user_uid>"

You are now ready to start using the Xsolla Backend postman API.

Visual Studio Code

Xsolla Backend develops all of our products and services using the very popular and powerful Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

We recommend installing the following extensions.