Namespace axr::sdk::Utils

namespace axr.sdk.Utils
class EntityWatchdog

EntityWatchdog is a utility service that provides a simple way to retrieve automatic updates for a registered EntityBase object. When registering a callback function for a given entity object the service will begin monitoring the backend service for changes to the object. If a change has been detected the callback function that was registered will be called containing the newly modified entity object. Note that it will not modify the existing object instance used to register the callback. It is the responsibility of the implementor to merge any changes from the new instance to the old one if desired.

Also note that the registered callback function will be executed from a different thread where safety is not gauranteed.It is the responsibility of the implementor to enforce any thread-safety needed for the data in


class StringUtils
class Timer

The Timer class provides an interface for queuing tasks for execution after a given delay. More than one timer or interval can be scheduled at a time, however calling Clear() on the timer instance will stop all scheduled timers simultaneously.

class TypeUtils

Utility class for working with types across multiple loaded assemblies.