Namespace axr::sdk::Network::Attributes

namespace axr.sdk.Network.Attributes


enum ExecuteScope

Describes the different scopes of remote procedure call executions.


enum ReplicateMode

Describes the different modes of property replication that is supported by the network engine.



The property will always be replicated any time replication of state is performed.


The property will be replicated only when it’s value has changed.


The property is replicated only the first time it is set and never again.

class EventAttribute : public OnMethodBoundaryAspect
class ExecuteAttribute : public OnMethodBoundaryAspect

Use this attribute to mark a class method as being remotely executable. Remotely executable methods cannot have a return type.

A method marked with this attribute will be executed remotely under the following conditions.

+——-—+——-—+———————-—+ | NetMode | Scope | Executes | +——-—+——-—+———————-—+ | CLIENT | CLIENT | Local client only | | CLIENT | SERVER | Local client and server | | SERVER | CLIENT | All clients and server | | SERVER | SERVER | Server only | +——-—+——-—+———————-—+

class ReplicateAttribute : public Attribute

Use this attribute to mark a class property to be replicated across the network.