Online Presence

The online presence of a given user is application-specific data that allows other users to know what their friends are actively doing at any given moment. The user Profile data contains a special presence property takes an arbitrary data object. This object can contain any amount of useful information that the application needs to identify and display the current state of the user.

By default the AcceleratXR platform provides a default implementation of the online presence data format for common operations and states of a given user. These states are set by various backend systems when certain events occur. The exact format and messaging of the data is configurable on a per system basis. Consult the originating system’s documentation for more information about how to change the pre-defined presence data.

Online Presence






Occurs whenever the user signs in to the backend and establishes a push notification connection.

{ "status": "ONLINE" }



Occurs whenever the user signs out of the backend and/or is disconnected for 10 seconds or longer.

{ "status": "OFFLINE" }