Requires license to AcceleratXR Enterprise.

A user Organization is an additional level of abstraction allowing for the grouping of multiple users together into virtual teams.


Each organization has a list of member users. These users have access to any and all resources defined for the organization. While members have permission to view organization data such as other members and owners, they do not have permission to modify or delete an Organization or any of its members.


An Organization owner is a user in which has full control over the organization itself and all users that are members as well as other owners.


User roles can be associated with a given organization by prefixing the name of the role with the uid of the organization. This makes it easily possible to define a variety of roles, all specific to different organizations.

By default, a set of roles are automatically created when each organization is created corresponding to the Trusted Roles of the system. This effectively grants any owner of the organization superuser permission to perform any action on behalf of the organization.