Unreal Engine SDK

The AcceleratXR SDK for Unreal is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25 and above. The SDK is broken up into three plug-ins; AXRCoreSDK, OnlineSubsystemAXR and GameFrameworkAXR.


The AXRCoreSDK plug-in is a wrapper for the C++ SDK. It does not provide any direct functionality other than enabling a means of compiling and exposing the C++ SDK to Unreal.


The OnlineSubsystemAXR plug-in provides an implementation of the OnlineSubsystem interfaces designed to work with the AcceleratXR platform. The plug-in supports a variety of platform features including:

  • Authentication

  • Achievements

  • Economy

  • Leaderboards

  • Matchmaking

  • Missions / Quests

  • Personas

  • Progression

  • Sessions

  • Social


The GameFrameworkAXR plug-in offers higher level gameplay implementation of common online and multi-player functionality.

Some important features include:

  • Dedicated server registration

  • Automatic session management

  • Automatic shard management (Virtual World System)


Installation of the Unreal SDK is simple.

  1. Clone the repository to your project’s Plugins folder.

    git clone git@gitlab.acceleratxr.com:Core/sdk/sdk_unreal.git AcceleratXR
  2. Run the corresponding start script for your supported platform.

    For Linux…


    For Windows…

  3. Add the desired plug-ins to project’s uproject file.

        "Name": "AXRCoreSDK",
        "Enabled": true
        "Name": "OnlineSubsystemAXR",
        "Enabled": true
        "Name": "GameFrameworkAXR",
        "Enabled": true
  4. Set AXR as the default OnlineSubsytem in DefaultEngine.ini.


That’s it!

To learn more about how to work with these plug-ins check out the Unreal ShooterGame project.