The AcceleratXR C# SDK is written for compatibility with the .NET 4.x and .NET Standard 2.0 runtimes.

Installation via NuGet

The simplest way to install the C# SDK is through NuGet.


To install using the NuGet Package Manager CLI run the following command.

Install-Package acceleratxr.sdk

Building from Source

You can also build the SDK from source.

Downloading the Source

You will first want to clone the repository containing the C# SDK using the following command.

git clone https://gitlab.com/AcceleratXR/Core/sdk/sdk_csharp

Building on Windows

You will need Visual Studio 2019 with .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1 components installed.

  1. Open the sdk_csharp.sln solution file.

  2. Once open click Build

  3. Select Build Solution