Unreal ShooterGame


The ShooterGame project provides an example implementation of integrating the AcceleratXR SDK for Unreal in Unreal Engine. It is based upon Epic’s standard ShooterGame sample project. The project is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25 and can be downloaded using git.

git clone https://gitlab.acceleratxr.com/Core/samples/unrealshootergame.git


A number of changes have been made to the original project to support the AcceleratXR platform.


The FShooterOnlineSearchSettings class has been modified to remove all default query parameters. This is needed to avoid unnecessary filtering of game sessions from the backend.


The UShooterLocalPlayer class has been modified to not use a FPlatformUserId for loading of persistent user data. This is due to the fact that the FPlatformUserId data type is a 32-bit value and all AcceleratXR platfrom id’s must be 128-bit values and thus cannot be represented correctly.


The ShooterGameInstance class has been modified to load a custom login menu on game startup that players use to authenticate with the AcceleratXR platform.


The FShooterMainMenu class has been changed to alter certain main menu items and behavior for better compatibility with the platform. This includes enabling Quickmatch for all builds, removing query search parameters that are specific to non-AXR platforms and adding required query settings that the platform needs when searching for matches.


The AShooterGameSession class has been changed to extend AGameSessionAXR instead of the engine’s base AGameSession class. AGameSessionAXR is provided by the GameFrameworkAXR plug-in and provides automatic server registration and session management with the platform.