Plug-ins and SDKs

AcceleratXR provides SDKs and plug-ins for a variety of popular programming languages and game engines including C++, C#, JavaScript (TypeScript), Unreal and Unity.

Common SDK Features

Each SDK implements the same structure and API to make it easier when switching between languages and device platforms. The SDKs contain the following common components:

CoreSDK Class

The CoreSDK class serves as the entry point of the SDK to which all initialization and setup is performed. It is also the primary instance and accessor for the underlying services. The class take a Configuration instance as a constructor argument containing all necessary information needed to initialize the SDK for communication with a given backend.

Data Structures

All data structures within the AcceleratXR platform are defined as classes, typically under a sub-folder named models. Each model class within the SDK is backed by one or more REST API endpoints and associated service classes for accessing that data model.

Service Classes

Interaction with the backend REST API is done via a Service class instance for a given model class. For example, the SDK has a class named User for the data structure describing user accounts in addition to a service class named UserService. The UserService class exposes the backend’s REST API for working with User data to the SDK user.

Service Factory

The ServiceFactory is a utility class for accessing instances of service classes (described above) for a given data type. The ServiceFactory is accessible via the CoreSDK instance via property accessor.