Provides services for the management of user personas. A Persona is a digital representation of a user (aka avatar) within a game or application. Users can have more than one Persona associated with their account. Each Persona has data associated with it including statistics which can describe arbitrary attributes about the user’s persona.

Getting Started

To get started using this service first clone the source. It is highly recommended that you fork the project first.

git clone https://gitlab.com/AcceleratXR/Core/persona_services

Running the Service

Open up a new shell to the cloned folder and build the Docker image using docker-compose.

docker-compose build

You can now run the server with the following command.

docker-compose up


Visual Studio Code is the recommended IDE to develop with. The project includes workspace and launch configuration files out of the box.

To debug while running via Docker Compose select the Docker: Attach Debugger configuration and hit the F5 key. If you want to run the server directly and debug choose the Launch Server configuration.