Since AcceleratXR is a suite of many libraries and services the documentation is organized per system. Also note that not all systems may have all types of documentation available.

Each system features several types of documentation available:

  • API reference documentation
  • REST API reference documentation
  • Concepts
  • Tutorials

API Reference Documentation

The API reference documentation provides detailed information about the classes, interfaces, data models and functions for a particular library or service.

REST API Reference Documentation

The REST API reference documentation describes how to interact with a particular service over HTTP. Documentation is typically broken up into two main sections; models and routes. The models documentation details the individual data models managed by the service that may be sent or received from any given REST API route. The routes documentation details the specific request and response interaction for any given HTTP endpoint.


The concepts section provides long-form, in-depth articles about each system such as technical explanations and white papers.


The tutorials section provides guided explanation of how to perform specific tasks and implement specific features using a given system.

Systems & Features